Building Rules
Please read them through carefully. Breaking one or more of these rules will result into a warning/base deletion.

Building Rules:

750m from Safezone (center) - Having line of sight is not allowed!
650m from Aircraft Trader.
650m from Black Market Trader - Having line of sight is not allowed!
650m from Static Mission Spawn Points. - Having line of sight is not allowed!
600m from Spawn Points (icon). - Having line of sight is not allowed!
300m from Military Buildings.
200m from Static Traders.
200m from Center of Land/Cement/Track Bridges.

20m Height Limit, which equals a maximum of 4 walls height.

Level 1: Cost: 5000 - Radius and parts: 35
Level 2: Cost: 20000 - Radius and parts: 55
Level 3: Cost: 25000 - Radius and parts: 75
Level 4: Cost: 30000 - Radius and parts: 95
Level 5: Cost: 35000 - Radius and parts: 125
Level 6: Cost: 50000 - Radius and parts: 170 (radius fixed @ 125m)
Level 7: Cost: 75000 - Radius and parts: 190 (radius fixed @ 125m)
Level 8: Cost: 100000 - Radius and parts: 210 (radius fixed @ 125m)
Level 9: Cost: 125000 - Radius and parts: 230 (radius fixed @ 125m)

Max level (5) yields you a total of 125 parts.

All safes, tents, crates and flag must be accessible trough a door or gate.
You are not allowed to block your flag, this includes:
+ ingame objects (safes, walls, floors, etc)
+ inside terrain
+ inside prebuild structures

Placing indestructible objects to obstruct destroying walls/floors/gates/doors/etc will result into getting the object removed when a raid is taking place. Admins can and will remove these objects with or without any warnings given.

You may have a MAXIMUM of 3 doors/gates before people can interact and steal your flag or safes!
No hidden/secret rooms, blocking entrances with a wall is not allowed!

Players with illegal base(s) will be held accountable to respond to any warnings given by Admins or Mods, once you have been notified to move your base, you can contact us by joining on teamspeak. We will provide a crate with all your building parts packed. This does not include your safes/containers.

Any questions or concerns toward the following rules, Feel free to contact us @
Posted on 28 Jan 2017 by ILLUXN
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