GLITCHING: 12h / Perma ban. This includes ANY form of glitching!

SIDECHAT: English only. Keep sidechat civil at all times. We can and will mute players permanently.

DUPING: PERMA BAN for the WHOLE squad!

KAMIKAZE: AIR to AIR, AIR to GROUND, AIR to BASE kamikaze is not allowed.

COMBAT LOGGING: Persistent combatlogging is NOT allowed. We are logging this in our database.

RESPECT: All players are expected to show respect towards each other. Banter is fine, but too much is too much.

HATRED: As stated above, banter is fine. However, players keeping sidechat filled with insults will get punished.

SPAWNZONES: Any form of combat in spawnzones is allowed. However, persistent camping a safezone just to kill bambi's or new players is not allowed.

MOD REPORTS: Yelling admin abuse without evidence will get punished.

PLAYER REPORTS: Please use our discord reports channel with video or screenshot proof!

BASE REPORTS: Please use our discord reports channel with a screenshot, location and a reason why.


CAMPING: On Namalsk, people will be around the safezone. People around the safezone are allowed to shoot. However, persistent trader camping will get punished.

STEALING: Not allowed.

RAMMING: Not allowed.

RUNNING OVER: Running over players is not allowed.

LOCKING: You are not allowed to lock another player inside a vehicle.

TROLLING: Not allowed.


STORAGE: All safes, tents and crates must be door/gate accessible and accessible to steal.

FLAG: Flagroom must be door/gate accessible and accessible to steal.

MAXIMUM DOORS: Up to a maximum of 3 doors/gates in order to get to your flag and/or safes!

HIDDEN ROOMS: No hidden/secret rooms (walls over door/gate way).

LOCATION: Do not build inside a building that is classified as military or industrial loot. Shitshacks are allowed. When in doubt, call in an admin.

TRAPS: Building your base for the sole reason to trap players in your base is not allowed.

OBJECTS: Blocking/moving objects to make rooms inaccessible or make it harder to raid is not allowed.

FLOATING: Floating bases / rooms / parts are not allowed. The usage of pillars from ground level to the structure is allowed.


750m from Trader (middle of circle). - WITH NO LINE OF SIGHT!
650m from Black Market Trader(icon). - WITH NO LINE OF SIGHT!
600m from Spawn Points (icon). - WITH NO LINE OF SIGHT!
650m from Aircraft Trader.
650m from Static Mission Spawn Points. - WITH NO LINE OF SIGHT!
300m from Military Buildings.
200m from Static Traders.
200m from Center of land/cement/track bridges.
30m height Limit (six walls high).


Level 1: Cost: 5000 - Radius and parts: 35
Level 2: Cost: 20000 - Radius and parts: 55
Level 3: Cost: 25000 - Radius and parts: 75
Level 4: Cost: 30000 - Radius and parts: 95
Level 5: Cost: 35000 - Radius and parts: 150 (radius fixed @ 125m)
Level 6: Cost: 50000 - Radius and parts: 170 (radius fixed @ 125m)
Level 7: Cost: 75000 - Radius and parts: 190 (radius fixed @ 125m)
Level 8: Cost: 100000 - Radius and parts: 210 (radius fixed @ 125m)
Level 9: Cost: 125000 - Radius and parts: 230 (radius fixed @ 125m)