Rules and Guidelines
Please read the following guidelines and rules.

- Stealing in traders IS NOT ALLOWED.


+ Looting dead player bodies (mostly russian roulette);
+ Getting into unlocked cars for a brief second and selling it at the wastedump;
+ ANY OTHER FORM OF STEALING items/vehicles that do not belong to you.

Locking people in traders IS NOT ALLOWED. If you lose your vehicle to another player, and decide to run into traders to lock him inside your vehicle, or get a buddy to do it, IS HIGHLY AGAINST THE RULES.

- Sexism/Excessive Hatred/Racism will result in 12h / 24h / Perma
- Glitching will result in 12h / 24h / Perma.
- Exploiting (duping/hacking/etc): Perma ban.
- Base Building violations will result in 1 warning / 1 removal.
- AIR to AIR, AIR to GROUND, AIR to BASE kamikaze is not allowed! This will result in a 24h ban.
- Disrespecting a staff member will result in instant permanent ban, no questions asked.
- Feel free to join our Teamspeak for help and assistance with anything server related.
- Logging out in someones base is only allowed when the server is close to a restart and when you are planning to reconnect after the restart! Staying in someones base to steal the flag whenever the owner replaces it, is highly against the rules and will be punished.
Please try and keep it civil at all times. We all get frustrated sometimes, there is no need to act like a dog to other people/players on our server. We observe this daily. Admins/mods can and will take action whenever they feel like a player/team crosses the line.

Teamspeak -


ARMA 3's and the new infiSTAR logging system makes it really easy to track dupers. Duping will result into getting the whole squad perma banned!

Rules are subject to change from time to time.

Updated rules will end up on the frontpage and are effective immediately after posting!
Posted on 18 Nov 2016 by ILLUXN
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